We would like to acknowledge the people behind the possibility of this blog.

First, to our Almighty God for all the strength that He had provided us and of course for all of the knowledge the group used in making this blog

To Mr. Jeffery Caballa Buan for letting us have some of his coverage with the Apu Fiesta.

To Mr. Rodel C. De Ocera for his extended help in communication with the Holy Rosary Parish Church

 To Auxiliary Bishop Pablo Virgilio David,D.D  for providing us some information regarding the Apu Fiesta.

To Mrs. Adella Conese, one of our interviewee, for giving us also a short background with regards to the Apung Mamacalulu Chapel.

To Ms. Ma. Celina L. Vega and Mrs. Marjorie Lacson for the support and motivation that indeedly worked for the group to finish the Blog.

To Mrs. Marites Sarmiento for her very undying support and the miriyendas every working sessions

To Mr. Dan King Lapuz and Jonathan Mallari for their help and knowledge on how to make a Blog and of course for their time.

To the parents of each team member, for allowing us to stay at school even on Saturdays just to finish this Blog

And You for giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents when it comes in technology and Blogging.

Tomen, Nina L.B.Apung Mamacalulu:The Sto. Entierro of Angeles City.Curia Sancti Rosarii,Inc,2011.


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