At the beginning of the research, the team was finalized into 9 members namely, Jessiery Corpuz, Chennon Kyle Santaren, Rica Pascual, Rose Ann Luciano, Mary Rose Manuit, Aljon Del Rosario, Kenneth Garcia , Rosette Esguerra,and Jerome Manuit, (all from section III-SSC ) and Mrs. Marites B. Sarmiento served as the adviser of the team at the same time, she’s in-charge in monitoring the team’s activities and progress. Each team member is assigned to type write-ups, some devotees to interview, as well as to take photographs of Angeles City’s Apung Mamacalulu Church.

                        After the team was finalized, ideas and concepts immediately came up to the team’s minds. The team began to conceptualize the project’s time frame, schedule of activities, the contents of the research. The page layout was also planned. The team decided that the page should be somewhat historical and religious at the same time. The whole layout and content are all finalized as well as the title.

                        Taking photos is not that easy in the part of the group. The group needed to ask permissions first to take photos inside the church. Some like the nuns are not allowed to be interviewed or to be taken photographs. Luckily, the Archbishop allowed us to take snapshots of the Apung Mamacalulu. Last October 28, was the feast of the Apung Mamacalulu and the team together with Ma’am Marites Sarmiento  went to the church to witness the procession and took some photos there. Afterwards the photos were uploaded in the computer and waiting for compilation.

                        An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee, and of course we served as the interviewer. In our interview, the team went to the Apung Mamacalulu Church and began to take photos as well as conducting an interview. The team interviewed some of the long time devotee of the Church, Mrs. Adella Conese,(81), and learned a lot of information with regards to the Church.

            One of the most challenging part in the research which the team believes is editing. The team stayed in the ICT Room with several monitors opened for hours everyday. This is where it put into writing all of the things that the team had undertaken. The writers of the team had to come up with the content of the research with appropriate words, correct spellings, and correct grammar in order for the message of the team be precise, clear and at the same time be easily understood. Luckily, the advisers served also as English critics to correct the grammar and some typographical errors.
            Photos were edited and so as videos to make them even presentable. Luckily the advisers showed their support and creativeness to the improvement of the videos as well as the whole research.